Safety is paramount at Bo Racking. We ensure the Australian Workplace health and Safety regulations and requirements are adhered to and upheld in the highest standard. We also work closely with our individual clients and customers to ensure the various safety regulations for their business are also adhered to and followed. Safety is a very important part of our business, let us help you increase the safety in your warehouse for you and your staff.



Warehouse Safety Barriers (1)

Gone are the days where a painted line on the floor is an acceptable means of separation.There are a range of reasons why you should use safety barriers in your warehouse which will provide a safe and efficient working environment for your team. You may think that a simple safety barrier might not do much. However, they will contribute to the overall success of your operations. In warehouses, safety barriers will not just enhance the level of safety in your working area. It also makes the process of transportation faster and more efficient. Safety barriers and rails also help in the storing of materials. In case of emergency, safety barriers would also be able to help with evacuation using its strong design features.. No matter what size your barrier should be, we will be ready to provide it to you and help you plan an effective safe workplace for your warehouse.



Angle Post Protector – These protect the rack from front impact damage by diverting the force to either side of the frame. They are easy to install and simply dropped into place. Angle post protectors deliver a really useful item for a minimal cost and are most commonly used with pallet racking.

Rack Bollards – These are Dyna-bolted to the ground and attached to the front of your storage system, standing upright. They are a sacrificial item that is designed to absorb the full impact of a forklift collision.

Light Duty Frame End Guard – These are designed to prevent damage caused by forklifts to the end of the bays. These areas are susceptible to damage because they are accessed most often by drivers who are picking pallets and performing other tasks. For this reason, it’s a wise idea to have them protected from forklifts coming and going. Light-duty frame end guards are perfect for a warehouse with walkie stackers and lighter forklifts.

Heavy-Duty Frame End Guard – These are designed to protect your racking system from larger forklifts, making them ideal for warehouses that use heavier-duty machinery.

Frame Corner Impact Corner Post Protector – The most common place for racking to be damaged is the corner of an aisle. Drivers can often take the turn too quickly and accidentally bump into the pallet racking with their forklift. Corner post protectors are an effective solution that prevents damage by having a standalone unit that is Dyna-bolted to the ground, completely independent from the racking. These are most commonly used for pallet racking, mezzanines and double-deep racking protection.

Guide Rail Drive In Floor Channel – Ideally, drive-in racking should have floor channels down the full lengths of the bay. This not only keeps the forklift straight, but it also prevents the pallet or forklift from catching on a frame. It comes with a rounded front bollard to help prevent damage and guide drivers into the aisle.

Narrow Aisle Guide Rail – When using furniture racking or narrow aisle racking, we include a guide rail as part of the system. This is to allow the stock picker to move down the aisles without damaging the rack. Our furniture racking and narrow aisle racking comes with corner guide rails, which allow a smooth transition into the aisle, and they can also include walk through and end stops. They are Dyna-bolted to the ground, independent from the racking system, and designed to withstand heavy impact.


Industrial handrailing & gates

Safety Gates – They provide the highest level of safety with a loading area on the edge of the floor. They allow pallets to be moved on and off a floor while always maintaining a safety barrier to stop people from falling. With workplace safety being number one, these safety gates are an asset to any warehouse.

Lockable Sliding Access Gates – They are a simpler design and are an efficient means of providing a loading point on your floor.

Handrail – Galvanized and specialized yellow pipe barriers can be custom built to suit any ground or floor application to create a barrier between mobile plant and equipment and people. Swing gates and a range of options are available.

Bollards – Bollards are ideal for protecting high impact areas or risk areas, commonly on corners or the end of handrail systems.

Kickrail – Galvanized Kick rails fit under handrail and barrier systems.


Safety fence1

We can plan and execute any job big or small. Bo Racking will create a tailor made solution based upon your needs to maximize your warehouse space and efficiency. Call us today on 1300 BORACK to talk to one of our racking planning and installation specialists.


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Where access through the guard is required, a self-closing gate is used. A gate has the handrail and knee rail positioned at the same level as the guard rail that it extends to. The dimensions of the safety gates should correspond with the basic dimensions of the pallets.


Line Marking


From refreshing your warehouse signs and labels to developing complex, innovative solutions, our warehouse team has the design and production expertise to handle all of your warehouse concerns. Our team will work alongside you to ensure that all of your specifications are met. We will provide you with strategies and ideas throughout the entire process. Bring us your challenges and let us guide you through the label and sign installation process.

Line Marking:

Walk into any manufacturing facility, processing plant or a stock room – there’s one thing common in all. You will notice they all have line markings for better navigation, safety and accessibility. So, how does line marking help in a warehouse environment? Why is it highly recommended?

Line marking offers great opportunities to improve visual communications. They indicate safe walkways and pathways for staff to move around as well as drive industrial vehicles through areas where equipment is stored. Line marking plays a significant role in making your warehouse efficient and safe.

Your warehouse can be benefited in a number of ways with using line marking:

It helps to define safe walkways for employees
It creates separate pathways to transport and operate heavy machinery
It indicates appropriate storage areas for hazardous waste, machinery and other equipment
It contributes to the smooth operation of your fast-paced business
It helps to improve the traffic flow within your facility
It promotes safety and boosts cost-efficiency for your business

Thus, it is best to choose only good-quality line marking supplies and line marking professionals to do this job. Our products and services will offer you the quality you need to ensure long-lasting solutions.









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